Are Mount Tam hikes the only ones available?

No way! While we focus on Mount Tamalpais for its unparalleled beauty, we know trails from Napa to Santa Cruz, and from San Francisco to Yosemite. Here are some of our favorites:

Marin County: Muir Beach (not to be confused with Muir Woods); Marin Headlands (Sausalito).

San Francisco County: Four Hills Urban Hike (San Franciso).

San Mateo County (Peninsula): Purisma Creek Redwoods (Half Moon Bay); Montara Mountain (Pacifica). Sam McDonald Regional Park (La Honda); Butano State Park (Pecadero).

Contra Costa County: Wildcat Canyon (Richmond); Mount Diablo (Clayton).

Alameda County: Redwood Regional Park (Oakland); Mission Peak (Fremont).

Yosemite National Park: Four-Mile Trail (Yosemite Valley to Glacier Point); Yosemite Falls.Do we need to be an experienced hikers?

Note: Costs may increase for hikes outside of the (415) area code.

What should I wear?

Mount Tam -- like all Bay Area coastal venues -- is renowned for wind and the kind of fog that can add haunting beauty to any hike. Be prepared by dressing in light layers. While shorts are comfortable most of the year, hikers who are allergic to poison oak (about 50% of the population) often prefer to wear long, lightweight pants -- poison oak is prevalent on Bay Area trails.

Footwear is perhaps the most important component of trail gear; hiking boots are always are a safe bet. But since many visitors don't pack (or own) hiking boots, footwear with solid-gripping soles will suffice on most of our hikes. As long as you're confident your footwear will hold you steady without slippage on downhill routes, you're good to go.

Note: If you have an Amazon Prime account, you can usually get hiking boots delivered to your hotel in two days. Among the most economical are Northside boots. For hikers seeking higher-quality boots, we've found that Lowa boots are the most comfortable/broken in out of the box.

Is the post-hike brewpub excursion included in the price?

No. We've done the legwork to find the best brewpubs near all of our hikes, but each hiker is responsible for his/her own bill.

Is hotel pick-up available?

Because hikers often gather from a wide geographic area -- and because all Hills & Hops excursions include a brewpub visit -- we encourage everyone to Uber, Lyft or taxi to the common meeting place we've assigned for each hike. However, we'll do everything we can to pick up hikers who have few other alternatives. In the case of hikers who are staying in outlying hotels (West Marin, for example) where paid transportation services are few and far between, we'll often arrange to pick you up and arrange to have you take Lyft/Uber on the return trip.

Note: Minimum pickup fee is $25.

How does the Hotel Referral Program work?

Anyone can design a rack card for their services and ask you to display it in your lobby. I want to build long-term relationships with my hotel affiliates. That means I want you and your staff to be confidant and enthusiastic about endorsing Hills & Hops to your guests as a consierge service worthy of affiliating with your hotel's. That starts with me rewarding you and your staff with a referral fee based on the number of guests from your establishment who sign up each day (see the adjacent chart). Referral fees are paid daily to hotels/hotel employees according to the number of your guests sign up for a Hills & Hops hike:

1-3 Guests: $10 per guest

4-5 Guests: $50 total

6-7 Guests: $75 total

8+ Guests: $100 total

More questions? Call (415) 715-9222 or email